Guide for Abbatial Elections

Download the main text, Parts I to V: abbatial-elections.pdf

The 15 Appendices and the Indices are in separate files for printing:

  1. Select Bibliography
  2. Suggestions for Methods of Preparation
  3. Documents for the Preparatory Process
  4. Order of Procedure for the Election
  5. Ballots
  6. Memorandum to Elected Tellers
  7. Memorandum to Proxies
  8. Oaths Taken during Election
  9. Announcements during Election
  10. Petition for Confirmation of Election
  11. Profession of Faith
  12. Confirmation of the Election
  13. Protocol of Abbatial Election
  14. Prayers during the Election
  15. Thanksgiving Service

Office of the President, 1994

Approved by the 44th General Chapter
7-12 June 1992